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Welded steel mesh is a type of high strength and high efficiency concrete reinforcement materials. By using automated production lines, the high-strength cold-rolled or cold drawn longitudinal and transverse steel bars will be welded into steel mesh, replacing the traditional on site steel fixing, which represents a big leap towards industrialization. Welded steel mesh is suitable for steel frame structure and in reinforced concrete slabs, walls, road works, pavement, culvert etc.

Steel consumption savings
Welded steel mesh is processed from low carbon hot-rolled wire rod through cold-drawn or cold-rolled process. The tensile strength could achieve up to 550MPa or more, resulting to 30% steel savings. In addition, the wastage could be kept minimal due to factory-controlled automated production line.

Better project quality
Welded steel mesh is manufactured through automated production line with strict quality control. The quality requirements, such as wire specifications and mesh size can be effectively controlled. These help to prevent the defect and illegal steel reduction, which usually appear in the traditional steel fixing, thus improve the quality of construction.

Improve crack resistance
The production of welded steel mesh is thoroughly planned and checked. The detailed design specifications lay out the accurate wire spacing, which enable the uniform load evenly spread over the entire concrete structure. Therefore, reduce the cracks occurrence. In fact, actual test result conducted in the United States shows that road pavement with steel mesh can reduce more than 75% cracks occurrence compare to those without.

Increase productivity
With welded steel mesh, the time used for on-site bar straightening, cutting, bending and fixing can be reduced up to 70% man-hour, which shorten the construction period.

Market trends and prospects
Cold-rolled ribbed steel wire and welded steel mesh, which are also a new and efficient building materials have been listed under the Ministry of Construction "Ninth Five" program, focused on promoting the application of latest building materials and technologies. It is bound to be widely used in construction, in order to raise the level of industrialization of the rebar works, results to greater economy and social benefits.

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